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This site is all about finding yourself through discovering the wonderful world around you. This site will share stories of people like you and me who decided to get up off the couch and go experience life. We will share insight on locations where you can get out and camp. We will also review products that will help make your next caming trip even better. Whether you are an avid extreme backpacker, or are considering your first night in the outdoors, we welcome you. Check out the site. Hopefully you learn a thing or two that will help you make your next trek the best yet!

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"Products to take with you on your next RV trip" - John Terry        Jan 2, 2018

My parents own an RV, and one of the things that we used to do as a family is take our RV out to campgrounds in the state. Camping is a wonderful way to spend a weekend because it is an escape from media. Of course you always have the option to take your laptop with you and leave a television on, but when you are in a beautiful state park surrounded by trees and nature, you being to realize that some things in life are more important. I loved camping with my parents, and I plan to keep that tradition alive when I have kids, too. I don’t have kids yet, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t get out and go camping. My wife and I love camping in Pennsylvania state parks and have become seasoned camping veterans over the past 10 years. Through trial and error we have learned the tricks-of-the trade, the dos and don’ts, and all of the little secrets that you can only pick up through experience. Through our adventures we have had the opportunity to use many camping related products, too. The reason that I am writing this blog is because I wanted to share a few of those products with you. If you are a camper, you might find these products useful too.

Inflatable Hot Tub

Last year my wife got me an inflatable hot tub for Christmas. It became an instant classic at our house and I used it all summer. She did her research and wound up getting me pretty much the best inflatable hot tub on the market. Well, this past fall we took our RV to a state park and my wife suggested we take the portable hot tub with us. It seemed like a brilliant idea to me, so we brought it along. Inflatable spas are easy to pack, so it wasn’t that difficult to collapse it, pack it, and throw it in the trunk. We got to the campground in the morning, and I inflated the tub and filled it with water. I turned the heat pump on and we went along enjoying our day. After a pleasant day of hiking and enjoying the outdoors, we came back to our campsite to relax for the evening. We ate some dinner and I popped the lid off of the hot tub to check the temperature. 104 degrees! I couldn’t believe it. What an awesome idea. So after dinner my wife and I got in our bathing suites and enjoyed an evening soak.

If you are going to a campsite with water and electric, I highly recommend bringing your inflatable Jacuzzi with you. It was a pleasant addition to our trip.

Propane Campfire

If you are a camper, then you have plenty of experience with propane items. Little green propane fuel tanks clank around the storage containers of every camper. Well, did you know that you can use propane tanks for a campfire. Lets be honest, building a campfire is not the easiest thing to do. Whether it is finding firewood, or trying to get it started, or cleaning up the embers, campfires can be a pain. Recently, we invested in a propane campfire which is essentially a portable gas fireplace. It is circular and large enough for 4 or 5 people to crowd around to keep warm. You can still roast marshmallows over the flame, too. The great thing about these products is how convenient they are. It doesn’t take any time to set it up or tear it down.

If you are a camper who doesn’t enjoy dealing with the mess of building a campfire, I highly recommend a propane campfire for your next trip.

Stay Tuned

I am going to keep updating this site with more stories and recommendations for your camping. Keep checking back to see our latest camping product reviews. If you have any cool products that has been a benefit to you while camping, be sure to let us know.

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