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My name is Barry. My wife and I are avid campers and outdoor enthusiasts. We live on the east coast and do a lot of camping in northeastern state parks. One of the things we like to do when we go camping is test out new products. Sometimes we purchase them on our own because we are excited about them. Other times we write to product manufacturers and ask them if they would send us a product for us to review and blog about. We have had some success with a few of our websites so we are able to tell some brands that our reviews will get exposure to our large amount of readers.

Whether we purchased the product on our own, or we were given something from a manufacturer, our reviews are always honest and unbiased. The reason that we are able to maintain such a high amount of page visitors is because our readers know that our reviews are truthful. It is something that we value highly.

Please check out our site and feel free to send us any feedback that you may have. We are always eager to get your feedback about our site, and we like getting recommendations from our audience. Do you have a product that was valuable to one of your camping trips? Let us know. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy our site!

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